My Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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My Philosophy of Teaching I didn’t grow up wanting to be a teacher. I went to college after high school and studied Journalism, International Studies, and Psychology. Teaching was not a career I ever thought about pursuing. Then, I had the opportunity to spend time in the classroom and the teacher pointed out to me that I was a natural. I have had extensive experience volunteering with young people through school and church activities. I coach a high school track team. It is through this involvement and interaction with these young people that it has become clear to me that I need to be a teacher. I have a great rapport with kids and teens. I like them, they like me, and there is a mutual respect. Finally, I know I …show more content…
I don’t want the teaching/learning environment to be the same every day. I want it to be an exciting place to be. I want my students to want to come to class.

I will use music in the background for writing assignments. I have seen in practice what I thought in theory; music frees up the creative mind and is conducive to more expressive writing. Students have shown me this works.

Although I will never dictate in my classroom, I will be very disciplined, because you do have to have control. I will do that by demonstrating what is expected and not accepting deliberate disregard for rules. I believe in giving second chances, but three strikes, you’re out!

I want my classroom to reflect my students and myself. I want it to inspire and encourage. I want it to be a safe, comfortable environment that it is conducive to relaxed and fun learning. I want it to be a place where young people can express themselves, but with respect for others. There, character, comes in again. It is essential to teach our youth, “it’s okay to be me as long as me doesn’t hurt them.” I will emphasize respect and consideration for others.

I’m going for my Master’s Degree in Psychology as soon as I finish my Bachelor’s in Education. I can’t wait to be in the classroom, but I will always be continually learning. I love learning and will continue to

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