My Models of Transition in Nursing Essay

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In life one can achieve anything as long as the endeavor undertaken is approached with determination and perseverance. There have been countless testimonies to that effect and my personal experience is living proof of the veracity of that statement.
Stepping up to a higher level of education as described by Bridges, is a very difficult transition to make. Family obligations and work pressure me to remain in an inert state of thinking; I was convinced that too many responsibilities and lack of time would not allow me to accomplish what I must accomplish to advance myself. Today according to Bridges’ Model, I am in the final phase or the “new beginning” (Bais and Hayes, 2011, p.5) because I have mustered the courage to overcome
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I must also avoid interfering in aspect of their personal lives.
As a therapist, no matter now difficult, I must administer some form of cares which maybe sometimes painful. I must do it in a convincing way that helps the patient to accept and benefit from it.
As an educator, it is my duty to inform and educate patients on different forms of treatments and the benefits they can bring. It is essential that I stress on the importance of following detailed instructions regarding medications, diet and self-care upon discharge.
As an advocate, I must convinced patients to adhere to treatments prescribed by physicians, how they will be beneficial to them. Often, patients have the tendency of listening to hearsay instead of advices from medical professionals. On the reverse side, as a nurse, I spent more times with the patients than the physicians. Consequently, I have more insight into their concerns and apprehension which allow me to relay those concerns to the physicians and if possible, find alternative solutions.
As an interpersonal facilitator, I have to develop abilities that facilitate different cultures to harmoniously cohabitate. It sometimes requires basic understandings of cultures.
I feel that my contribution as a nurse in the community fills a void that would otherwise diminish its standard. It greatly satisfies me that I am able to be relied upon as a productive member of first, my community and most of all, society.
New nurse role, work load and

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