Motivating 21st Century Workers Essay example

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Motivating 21st Century Workers

Motivating 21st Century Workers Motivation is the key to keeping employees interested in working hard and meeting daily demands from a company. In my point of view managers must be able to successfully motivate their employees in order to prevent high turnovers, satisfy employee needs, and keep an overall good reputation for the company. With a happy employee you will have happy customers as well.
Motivational Strategies
I believe that in order to properly motivate your employees a manager must first find out how and what different strategies will work for which employees. There are many ways to motivate workers, but I think there are more effective strategies that work on some workers than
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4). This quote in my theory harmonizes with my statement that it is important to infuse other motivational strategies along with using money as a motivator.
Money alone would not be sufficient enough to keep an employee motivated, and would result in higher turnovers in my opinion.
In addition to using money as a motivator I think Self-esteem is just as important of an issue when motivating employees. According to the Encarta Dictionary the term Self-esteem is defined as “confidence in your own merit as an individual person.” In my theory self-esteem is the need for self-respect, to make ourselves feel like we are worth something, that what we are doing matters to something or someone. It is important in my opinion that an employer stresses this idea to all managers, so they can implement this into their motivational strategies. To keep employees motivated, they need to feel appreciated, managers need to compliment good work, and show their appreciation. In my opinion when my work is being credited and praised I feel important to the company, I feel like I did a great job and it satisfies my need to feel important and successful.
When a worker makes a mistake it is important not to embarrass them, instead I believe it is important to show them that their mistakes are guides to do the work the right way. I believe that if a manager can properly instruct an employee and focus on their mistakes and not the employee as a “bad person” they can

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