Moses, David and Elijah Essay

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Moses, David, and Elijah were all important biblical figures during the Old Testament times. They all had unique and faithful relationships with God. Moses relationship with God was a special one. To be specific, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. (Deut. 33:9-11)
Though with David, he loved the Lord with all his heart. Furthermore, David’s dependence on God was everlasting as well as his praise and worship to God. (2 Sam. 22) And with Elijah, his relationship with God was his passion to do God’s will. Beside their different relationship with God, they all shared similar missions in the name of the Lord.

First of all, they all were prophets chosen by the Lord God Almighty. As well as being
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God appointed successors for both Moses and David to fulfill His promise to Israel. Of equal importance, both Moses and David were great writers of the Scriptures in the name of God. (Deut 32; 2 Sam. 22) The final comparison between the two is the covenant God make with the Israelites under the leadership of Moses and David. (Ex 20-24; 2 Sam. 7:12-16)

On the other hand, Elijah accounts as a prophet and leader were different than David’s but similar to Moses. God use both Moses and Elijah in equivalent ways. Moses flees into the wilderness from Pharaoh after he kills an Egyptian. (Ex 2:11-15) Years later, Elijah flees to Horeb when Ahab’s wife Jezebel curses him for killing the false prophets at Mount Carmel. (1 Ki 19) Furthermore, Moses and Elijah both spoke in authority for the Lord God Almighty. (1 Ki 17:1; Deut 5:1)
For instance, Moses confronted Pharaoh when he was sent by God to go and set Israel free from slavery. (Ex 5) A few years later, God sent Elijah to appose King Ahab. (1 Ki 17) Another example, Moses demonstrates God’s power against the Egyptian sorcerers when God commanded him to show Pharaoh a sign from God. (Ex 7:8-12, 20-22; Ex 8) During Elijah times, he too displayed God’s power to the Israelites who were worshiping a pagan god. (1 Ki 18:20-40)
Moses summons all of Israel at Mount Sinai to make the Covenant between God and Israel. (Ex 19) Like Moses, Elijah summons all of Israel to Mount

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