Essay on Moral Decline

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I believe that America’s morality is on the decline. America has always been seen as a moral country but now the society in America has changed drastically. After William Bennett viewed polls showing that: “We Americans now place less value on what we owe others as a matter of moral obligation; less value on sacrifice as moral good, on social conformity, respectability, physical pleasure and sexuality-and correlatively greater value on things like self-expression, individualism, self-realization, and personal choice.” In the past some things that seemed unacceptable in society are now considered as acceptable. Many controversial things that are seen or spoken on TV nowadays would have never been broadcasted in the 1940s and 1950s. Some …show more content…
Too many times I here rap artist poking fun at women who do not know the father of their children by using the phrase “Who’s your baby’s daddy?” Many television shows and music videos condone risky behavior by encouraging unprotected, premarital sex. A lot of teenagers watch shows like these and talk to friends that think this is a popular thing to do. They give into peer pressure and start to experiment only to find themselves pregnant and alone. One night can ruin the rest of their lives. Some parents are to blame because they engaged in this risky behavior and now their children are completing the cycle. Not only has the illegitimacy rate in America has increased, but also the rate of the divorces. Kay S. Hymowitz writes something about the effect of divorce on children, and she believes that “a lot of these damaged young adults are determined to do better.” For some of the cases, it may be true, but most children are affected negatively. In the article, The Lies and Alibis. Does Divorce Make Children Less Truthful?, Kristina Diener, Psy.D. states that the psychological effects of divorce on children are more excessive when they are required to endure a protracted and bitter custody battle. These children may suffer from a variety of psychological problems like denial, guilt, low self-esteem, physical problems, depression, anger, and panic, destructive or even criminal behavior and may resort to lying to themselves in order to maintain some semblance of

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