Media Censorship Online Essay

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Media Censorship prohibits people from seeing things online that others can. The government imposes it and punishes those who go against their ways. The censorship imposed to the people of the country revoke the freedom of speech they once thought they had. It has so much effect on those who want their voices heard. Imagine a world where the United States of America limits what the people say on social media and then locks them up for saying something that goes against the beliefs of the government. Isn’t it a blessing that the citizens of the USA don’t have to worry about it? It is a great feeling but for others it is a nightmare.
The consequences of not following media censorship laws varies depending on the country. Most of China’s
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People who were involved in a television show were arrested for giving opinions on sexual attitudes and were sentenced to flogging (Sterling Joe "Mideast, North African Countries Censor, Control Media"). Flogging is another term for whipping according to The consequences for personal opinions being expressed on media range on a lot of variables but are all very serious.
The effects of the censorship are felt by anyone and everyone who live in the countries that have strict laws about it. Lebanon, a republic government run country( World Factbook), is run similar to the United States as the US also has a republic. The government does not have many laws on media and is “one of the most free minded media country in the middle east” (Sterling Joe). The mentality of a journalist changes when it comes to writing about a borderline topic. The effect of previous leaders have caused citizens of Lebanon to think twice of what they want to say. Freedom of speech isn’t as free in Lebanon but they sure do have enough. This, however, is not the way they think and it is because people don’t want to deal with any possible punishment for complaining or going against the government. Israel is split into territories such as Palestine. Tensions rise over the disputed border due to the thoughts of many that their ancestors were there first and that it is a holy spot for them. The armed forces control the area and

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