Censorship Of The N Word

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The use of the N-word is a highly problematic issue in American society. Its roots come from the word "negro", back from the 1700 and 1800’s when it was most prevalent in our society. The “n” word was used by whites as a racial slur, and to degrade and harm anyone of African descent. In addition, the n word was also mentioned to show the white supremacy and achieve greater status in the American hierarchy. However, today,the n word is a highly taboo topic. Despite it noxious effect, it has been known to become widely used within the black community in a diversity of ways, both endearing and insulting. Although the n word is notorious for being racist and profane, it should not be censored because it serves as a popular term for many young members …show more content…
I believe that censorship is violating the freedom of speech. Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are "offensive," happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. In many cases censorship has restricted newspapers, television, radio, etc. by not allowing them the right to free speech. In essence, this means that governmental censorship would primarily attempt to stop an unintentional effect of certain speech or expression on the Internet; in other words, the government would be opposing the idea of individualism in society. Every individual in America has the right to read or view whatever book or magazine they choose. Although the censorship of the n word violates the freedom of speech, the censoring can also prevent many riots. Utilizing the n word are referred to as hate crimes. There had been instances on TV were violence had erupted between between groups of people. For example, in 2005, Nicholas Minucci – a White man assaulted a black man and called him “nigger” several times (Jury Expert). The calling of the n word to someone raises racial animus between two people. The n word is a very evocative vocabulary in the english language. Moreover, the term is peppered throughout different types of popular culture, such as comedy routines, rap music lyrics, and spoken word. Such use may lead some to believe the term "nigger" has lost much of its power, and no longer carries with it the same degree of negativity, which is not true because to this very day, the n word plays a crucial role in many people's lives. . Further, some Whites, especially those who are fans of popular culture where the term may be employed, may mistakenly believe they can use the term "nigger" or "nigga"

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