Maximizing The Benefits of Social Media Essay

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The availability and use of social media on the Internet provides businesses with multiple and varied uses for social media and information.

Case Summary In 2008 Dave Carroll posted a song about his real life experience with United Airlines. While boarded, Dave observed luggage handlers throwing his $3500 guitar. Upon landing and inspecting his guitar he found damage to the guitar. After a year of attempting to get reimbursed damages for the guitar, United Airlines denied his claim. In 2009 Dave released his song, United Breaks Guitars, on You Tube, the first of three songs capturing his experience with United and their policies. As of 21 February 2012, there were 11,564,933 You Tube internet views of Dave Carroll’s song, United
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Business Exploitation As the internet provides the social systems with a global media options, it also provides businesses with multiple and varied uses for social media and information. Exploiting the internet to benefit the organization is not negative, it is good business. For example, entrepreneur Brian Henry started selling primento cheese in 2006. After their initial ramp up of their internet dialogue did not bring in satisfactory sales results. Brian experimented with Twitter and Facebook. As followers increased, so did sales. When the Henrys first began their social-media outreach in 2009, they sold 547,000 containers of Palmetto Cheese. In 2011, they sold 2.1 million. Of course, that sales boost wasn't brought on by social media alone. But the nearly 22,000 people who "like" the Palmetto Cheese Facebook page — and spread word of the brand to their friends — have helped sales. "Once we started truly interacting with our customers and created a community, we began to see an increase in interest and customers," Brian says. (Petrecca) Organizations, large and small, have identified the usefulness of the social media but many have not utilized this vital tool. Some organizations depend on their employees to become versed in internet usefulness and social monitoring. Businesses have begun to recognize the huge potential social networking offers for companies looking to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration among their employees.

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