Managing Information Essay

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Managing Information

Executive SummaryInformation is any analysed data containing meaningful sense. An organisation couldn¡¦t operate with out information or data collection. If no information was collected decisions couldn¡¦t be made therefore the business/organisation could not progress or develop. To effectively operate Sunset Coast University they need to endorse a new information system. Every organisation collects retrieves and uses data. To provide maximum benefit to an organisation data must be managed carefully, organised efficiently and used effectively. Without a system to distribute and receive data it would be almost impossible for an organisation to make decisions or at least cater for their future needs. Ensuring an
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The university needs to update software in all departments and create a database accessible to all employees. The database can be used to store data such as student grades, personal details, polices and general account details. This will also alleviate the amount of inconsistencies and mistakes involving student awards. Electronic mail (E-mail) should be used as a major source of communication as it is efficient and will reduce the amount of employees wasting time delivering information via telephone contact or memo. Not only is E-mail efficient you can attach documents from your computer and it can be sent to many people at once. The improvement in Information Management will reshape the organisation structure. This will decrease the need of supervisory staff and support staff. The decrease in staff and increase in information technology will mean employees need to be multi-skilled to complete a range of duties. With the integration of this new technology it will increase the amount of duties of one employer but decrease the time it would usually take to manage. Staff Requirements Even though Information technology will reduce the amount of supervisory/support staff there will be a need for additional staff to maintain the effectiveness of the

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