Majoring In History Essay

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Majoring in History History is the understanding and study of the past, which enables us to learn change and continuity over time. History seeks to explain the way individuals and global features have changed over a particular time period. Historians use all available forms of evidence in examining, interpreting, reinterpreting, and revisiting the past. They use written documents, objects like buildings, photographs, paintings, and oral communication. Therefore, for an individual to become a historian he or she has to be trained on the methods of evaluating and discovering the sources to be used in extracting historical sense (Crabtree 1). Studying history enables one to understand the present in relation to the past. Different …show more content…
Artists, writers, politicians, and scientist are all trained by the historical environment that they lived. Knowledge of history offers individuals’ assistance to understand the world that everyone lives in because it acts like a life teacher. History prepares individuals to live more currently and to be able to prevent future challenges. History acts as a means of understanding and spreading the wisdom and craziness of our ancestors. Studying history is fun since it fulfils our desires in order to understand and know our ancestors and the roots of all individuals. It allows individuals to experience countless conditions and situations that stimulate creativity and imagination of all individuals. It also enables history students to think critically, read intelligently, and write effectively (American Historical Association 1). Many students that have graduated with a major in history from not only Walsh University, but other universities as well that have become small business owners, artists, lobbyists, military officers, bankers, politicians, archivists, researchers, environmentalists, social workers, teachers, historians, police officers, librarians and activists. Studying history enables one to be prepared broadly because as a history student one is able to write, think, analyze and criticize. These skills are necessary in any job requirements and require individuals to be well prepared as they

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