Essay about Leature on Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong

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Question 4 - Lecture on 16Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Good morning, Students. Today, my lecture is on “Race 6Discrimination in Hong Kong: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives”. I will explain what racism is, its role in the historical context of colonialism, and what forms contemporary racial discrimination take with reference to specific minority groups in Hong Kong. I will also talk about the relevant Ordinances in Hong Kong. Racism 14Racism means unfair treatment of people, or violence against them because they belong to a different race from your own.3Race in relation to a person means the race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin of the person. Racial group means a group of …show more content…
It is an obvious direct discrimination. (b) Indirect discrimination Indirect discrimination 13occurs when a same requirement or condition, e.g. rule, policy, practice, criterion or procedure,3is applied equally on people of different races. But a particular racial group cannot meet that requirement, therefore it 3has an unfair effect on that particular racial group. For example, a Korean 2airline introduces a new uniform for crew members which requires them to wear berets, otherwise they will face disciplinary action. Most employees can comply with their requirement. However, a small group of Sikh men cannot comply with the Korean airline requirement because they need to follow their ethnic custom to wear a turban. In this respect, they suffer a detriment. Unless 2the employer can provide a valid justification for their requirement, such as health and safety reasons, otherwise it is indirect discrimination against the Sikh men (2). Ways of racial discrimination (a) 3Victimization Racial discrimination can occur by way of victimization. If a person treats another person less favourably than other people because that3person has done an act under the racial discrimination law, such as making or planning to make a race discrimination complaint, taking legal action or acting as witness against race discrimination (1). This constitutes

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