John Steinbeck Essay

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Born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California, John Ernst Steinbeck is one of the world’s most popular authors. Steinbeck’s American classics depict portraits of the conditions of human life, struggles and triumphs. He is commonly known for his novels The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and novella Of Mice and Men. “He was an intellectual, passionately interested in his odd little inventions, in jazz, in politics, in philosophy, history, and myth” (“John Steinbeck, American Writer”). John Steinbeck experienced several struggles and rejections in order to be successful and have his books published the way he wanted them to. Steinbeck experienced an interesting life full of stories, controversy, adventure, love, and loss. John Ernst …show more content…
He also traveled throughout the Salinas Valley and studied marine life in Monterey Bay. He used many of his experiences for matieral in his later novels” (Shillinglaw). Steinbeck attended Stanford University in 1919, but he only signed up for literature and writing courses, which eventually led to Steinbeck leaving without earning a degree. The future famous author attempted newspaper reporting and construction work in New York City after parting Stanford, but he soon become uninterested and returned home (Shillinglaw).
Steinbeck wrote several drafts in the late 1920s for his first novel about a pirate, The Cup of Gold, which was published in 1929 but not well received. He also met his first wife, Carol Henning, while he was writing The Cup of Gold (Shillinglaw). “They wed in January 1930 and during the great depression they lived in a cottage owned by Steinbeck’s father. His family gave him free housing, free paper and from 1928 loans that enabled him to give up a warehouse job in San Francisco and focus on his writing” (“John Steinbeck Biography”). Steinbeck’s first novels were Cup of Gold, The Pastures of Heaven, and To a God Unknown. His first three novels were unsuccessful and his first critical success did not come until he published Tortilla Flat in 1935 (“Biography of John Steinbeck”). Tortilla Flat was a humorous story of Mexican-American’s lives and it won the California Commonwealth

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