Is Deforestation out of Control? Essay

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Is Deforestation out of Control?

Humans are very greedy when it comes to thinking of themselves and only themselves first. This is more so a problem in the United States of America than compared to other countries around the world, but the American way of life and its economy has a huge effect on the rest of the world and how it operates. For some reason, industries struggle to respect the natural resources that are on this planet. The industries use the Earth’s natural resources with reckless abandonment and do not necessarily have a back up plan to put in effect once all of them are depleted. The oil industry is the most popular example of this but it has also become a problem in the forestry industry. In America, the
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In actuality, these forests supply the world with a great deal of our oxygen supply.[2] The rain forest is sometimes referred to as the “lungs of the Earth” because it takes in about 120 million tons of carbon. Also the Amazon in Brazil is home to almost an unimaginable number of plant and animal species. One-fifth of the world’s plants call the Amazon their home and one-sixth of the world’s bird live in the Amazon rain forest. The Amazon also holds one in eleven of the world’s mammals and one in fifteen of the world’s reptiles. After reading those facts, it comes as no surprise that the Amazon is the world’s largest continuous tropical rain forest.[3]

Based on reports from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Wildlife Fund, it was confirmed that nearly six million hectares of forested area in Latin America, primarily in the Amazon region, was destroyed during the first half of the 1990s. A hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters or 2,471 acres.[4] Much of the deforestation is not necessarily done by the logging industry. In parts of Peru and Brazil, there are migrant farmers who clear the forest to have some farming land. The soil in the Amazon forest is pretty poor for the most part so once they have cultivated an area for about five years they are forced to move on. When they need to move on, the only

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