Inaccurate Conclusions about Hmong People Essays

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Hmong people are often treated as if they are unintelligent when they are interacting with professionals in the wider Minnesota community. Because when they are communicating with other professionals, they talk with an accent, but that doesn’t mean that, that person can’t read or write English. Hmong people are just as intelligent as everyone else here, they have put their effort into going to school to learn how to read, write and speak English so they will be able to communicate with others. Even though Hmong people don’t know how to use big words, they are still able to communicate and understand what is being said to them. And as for some Hmong people, like the elderly, they don’t understand too much English, and that is probably …show more content…
That’s when I start to think about how the other well educated Hmong-American people are being looked as, like as if they aren’t educated enough. This bothers me a lot too, because I know and understand what is being said to me and then I am being treated as if I don’t understand a word they’re saying to me. This is why I think it’s unfair for others to judge me right away, by thinking that I don’t know how to speak English, just because I look different from them by looking at the color of my skin and because I am from the Southeast Asian ethnic group.
I decided to ask a Hmong-American woman a few questions about what she thinks about the Hmong community, and how challenging being a Hmong person is here in the United States. After I was done asking her these questions, I was really impressed with the answers she gave me. Her answers were that Hmong people lack the use of diversity, because they don’t interact with other communities about their issues to get help and support from them. What causes this is, because of the past tradition that Hmong people used when they were back in Laos/Thailand, they were told to always stick to their own kind. So what happens to the Hmong community is, they get less respect from the other communities and their own community, because of the lack of diversity. What could prevent this

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