Summary Of The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down

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Cultural Competence 101
The medical biographic novel” The spirit catches you and you fall down,” by Anne Fadiman is a magnificent time capsule of the experiences faced by the Hmong peoples during their migration to America. However amusing the novel was from a literary standpoint, the novel described many deeply discerning attributes of the American health care system and Social Work arena of that time period. Although this novel describes the journey of one peoples immigration to America this story really speaks to the experiences of many migrate populations to the United States.
As a social worker I felt uncomfortable anytime the book discussed times when any member of the health care profession including social workers professional of that
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Social workers should have been deployed to the holding camps to learn about the Hmong people and teach them to a certain degree a little about American culture. Macro and micro Social workers should have been integral in designing a model of Hmong integration into American cities based on the knowledge of where they would have thrived best given their culture and customs. After the arrival of Hmong into the United States Social workers should also have been designing ready to work programs for the Hmong people in an attempt to vitalize the work force and get the Hmong people off of social welfare. In addition, Social workers should have been involved in social initiatives to improve the quality of life experienced by Hmong and assist with the depression that most of the Hmong reported …show more content…
I would have research a little about the Hmong people and culture. I would have began an initiative to hire and train Hmong people who were former generals in their army and spoke multiple languages as hospital translators. I would have worked with the Lee’s to get them into an educational program to teach them to read and possibly write English especially numbers which would have assisted with Lia’s medication disbursement. If this would not have worked I would have helped to design a system that worked to the Lee’s strengths that would have gotten them to give Lia the correct amount of medication. An example of this would be with the fact that the Lee’s did not actually know time and had no way of knowing if they gave Lia the medication at the correct time. Perhaps considering that the Lee children all awoke and went to school regularly the social worker could have aligned Lia’s medicine with the Lee’s older children’s departure from the home or when the woke up for school. I would have made a point to incorporate other Hmong peoples in Lia’s care understanding that their culture was very interdependent and epilepsy being common in their culture began a support group for Hmong to speak about their experiences and mutually aid one another in the health care process. In addition, I would

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