Illegal Immigrants Should be Granted Citizenship Essay

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The American Dream, which is sought by many people around the world, is not an easy task and it can be very hard to achieve for the unfortunate. Many see the United States as a land of possibilities and a better life and that could explain why the number of unauthorized immigrants has increased from 3.5 millions in 1990 to 12.2 millions in 2007. (Preston 1) The number on immigrants in the US only decreased between the 2007 and 2009 due to the economical crisis, when more immigrants left the US

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In my opinion, everyone should be able to have a better life. Illegal immigrants’ effect on the American economy is positive and they should be provided with an easy way to obtain legalization, become taxpayers and achieve receiving American citizenship.
Illegal immigration between the US and South America has been an important border issue since the 1970s. (Border 1) The enormous border between America and Mexico has represented since the old times, illegal immigrants’ path to a land of many possibilities. However, it has a high security zone controlled by policemen and trying to cross it supposes risking your life. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act increased Border Patrol funding and the fencing area has had a developed security system since its creation. Another immigration-related law is The U.S.A Patriot Act, which took effect in 2001 , and focused on paperwork requirements , specially in the development of visas for visitors and in the improvement of biometric technology. (Border 1) Surprisingly enough, the safety in the Mexican-American border has an elevated cost. ‘’Total immigration enforcement spending increased fivefold between 1985 and 2002 from $1 billion to almost $5 billion’’ (Border 1). Despite of all the efforts that the US government has made in the last decades to protect the southern border, many illegal immigrants have achieved crossing the border and started living in the US.
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