Essay On Undocumented Immigrants

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Undocumented immigrants and higher education Nowadays the world is continually growing; culture and traditions are integrating into our society. Immigrants come for prominent opportunities, some come being legalized and others come illegally for various reasons -better education and lifestyle, one they couldn’t have their native countries-. Migration to the United States is a part of our country. Our democracy should allow for undocumented immigrants to have a higher education.
Undocumented immigrants today are not allowed the access to a higher education, and this should be changed. Our country is made up of many cultures and traditions that make our society unique and different from other countries. Taking away from this and not allowing immigrants to stay and have higher education diminishes our society from an intelligent class to a mediocre class. Most of time students that finish high school with their diplomas go to college for a higher education meaning they are striving for a career – an ability that they are allowed and can do-. Unfortunately, many of the undocumented immigrants don’t have this opportunity. They are restricted to elementary and secondary education and do not have access to a future.
Out of sixty- five thousand undocumented immigrants that attend high schools every year
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Our society would be modern and diverse because new ideas would come and integrate, meaning new technology and innovations. If people say that America was once great and is not great anymore, allowing for undocumented immigrants to have an education can make America great again. In conclusion we could be number one in science and math and grow together in a better world where undocumented immigrants are educated and not treated

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