Illegal Immigration Affect America Essay

How exactly does illegal immigration affect America? Should the policies be more stringent? These are frequently asked questions by most people, especially with the recent presidential candidates proposing their ideas for office. Many people migrate to America in hopes of a better living and more job opportunities. However, immigrants do not see the impact created in the country upon illegal entry, which not only weakens the value of our national security system, but has also created a large financial drain on the economy. The United States needs a more stringent immigration policy because jobs are being lost, and taxpayer resources are diminishing.
The national security’s duty is to protect all that live here in America. One of the most important
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An estimated 75 percent of illegal aliens who do pay taxes are using falsely obtained Social Security numbers. However, when the IRS accepts income tax payments from illegal immigrants, it ignores the crimes they are committing; such as, using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to obtain millions of dollars in deductions and credits, which they are not eligible to receive because they are non-permanent residents. FAIR reports that all revenues collected are refunded to illegal immigrants when filing for tax returns. Although some illegal immigrants may pay taxes, given an illegal aliens’ average household income and size, it is difficult for them not to create a significant fiscal drain on the economy (Hrenchir). Many people in this country are living below the poverty level and are already using a considerate amount of tax dollars to afford a living. Once more individuals arrive in America and start to use these resources, with little to no contribution, then that creates a bigger deficit on money available for those who reside here legally. Although many restrictions are in place for those to be able to receive these programs, such as Medicaid, Welfare, and food stamps, most families who could use the help do not qualify for. In return, many programs allow illegal immigrants to qualify for these government funded

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