Human Resource Management Essay

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“Management and managing are characteristically gendered in many respects” (Broadbridge and Hearn 2008)
In view of the above statement consider the roles of men and women at work.

This essay will aim to understand whether or not management is characteristically gendered and if it is, then to ascertain what the cause for this segregation or demoralisation (if any) is. Certain factors such as biological, social and structural aspects will be analysed

Since the beginning of mankind there has always been an inherent dispute regarding the disparity between men and women; women being the individuals who more often than not seem to be undermined in their abilities to be equal to their male counterparts.

From an ethnographic
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According to Hartley (2004), males and females do communicate and act differently and many other experts in this field have carried out time consuming research on the matter and have succeeded in clarifying biological differences.

According to the above theories, both genders communicate in a different method thus characterising their principles and ultimately developing their own preference to the way they wish to manage or be managed. Robbins, (2003). These preferences also affect their personal lives just as much as their careers. For example males are seen as more ambitious and results orientated whereas females are more concerned with emotions and forging relationships and dealing with people on a more emotive level as opposed to corporate or hierarchical levels. The following table of information taking from the government statistics website ( clearly demonstrates the career paths that result from the females’ emotional psyche.

As can be seen in the above diagram, women are more attracted to roles where their maternal qualities and mind-set are valued and correspond, whereas the ‘skilled trades’ and ‘senior officials’ where ambition is required to progress are dominated by males.

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