How Modern Technology Has Changed Medicine, Industry and the Environment

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"Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time." -Bill Gates. Modern Technology has had an impact on the medical field. The medical field benefited from technology. It has benefited from tools such as the scalps (which is used to open up the body) and medical equipment. Medical technology has grown to the point where viruses that affected us before have no affects to us today. One example would be the spanish virus that killed 1/8 of Europe's population. Medical technology has made it so new viruses could be stopped before they do any real harm. One machine can detect cancer cells, so it could be treated before it does anymore harm. We are also going to the point where we can even make …show more content…
Modern Technology has had an impact on the medical field. Steven Leckart claims 3D printers could make it possible to print out human tissue but the problem is it has to thrive, “an organ requires blood networks of blood vessels to distribute nutrients and oxygen”. If they cannot do that the cells will die. With the 3D printer we can create human bones and hearts and we can enhance human capability with newer cells ( Parag. 8).Science Museum states that X rays has made it possible to see through our skin to see if there is any danger. Before the X ray we had to use surgery to check if there was any internal damage and now we have even more advanced devices called CT,PET and MRI scanners that can now scan the brain. (Parag. 4). “Michael Macrae believes that The Sapien transcatheter aortic valve is a life-saving alternative to open-heart surgery” (Parag. 5). The sapien transcatheter is an alternate way to get a new valve but is less painful compared to surgery (Parag 5). All in all, Technology has made really good improvements to the the medical field and one day it might be able to cure every disease we come in contact with.

Modern Technology has had an impact on the manufacturing industry. Robert Lamb claims that “Humans created robots to do their drudge work” (Parag 1) Unimate was the first to help in the manufacturing industry “Unimate was a 4,000 arm attached to a giant steel drum” (Parag.

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