How Geographic Information System and Geospatial Technology Changed the Medical Landscape

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Health Professionals all over the world have used today’s technology to improve and change the landscape of the Medical world. From updated EKGs to more accurate Stethoscopes, doctors have been able to help people around the world and provide the best healthcare that the world has ever seen. Many times in the medical world there are several problems and mysteries that arise with unpredictable circumstances that Health Professionals in the past could never solve or determine. Geospatial Technology has become an essential competency for a large number of Health Professionals over the past few decades and has provided them with necessary and beneficial information to expand and improve their efforts. Even though it has definitely been a huge …show more content…
(Gruenwald, 2013, p. 443) In his article, Paul Gruenwald conducted research on the usage of Methamphetamine in the state of California using Geospatial technology to find his backing information including the number of Methamphetamine related hospital admissions and the number of reported users in by California zip code (Gruenwald, 2013, pgs. 444-446) (Fig.3, Growth of Methamphetamine Hospital admissions in California 1995-2005, Gruenwald, 447)
Not only have Americans used GIS as a means of conducting research on disease and epidemics, after the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong research was conducted on the disease outbreak during the 6 month ordeal that affected over 1700 people. (Lai, Wong, Hedley, Lo, Leung, Kong, and Leung. 2004) During their research the group was able to determine the rates of outbreak through certain geographic areas which is shown in the graph below. (Figure 3, By: Lai, P.C., C.M. Wong, A.J. Hedley, S.V. Lo, P.Y. Leung, J. Kong, and G.M. Leung, 2004)

Though there are many who are fully confident in the perks and possibilities that Geospatial Technology and GIS has to offer there still are professionals who are skeptical about it regarding the medical field. In July 2002, Ronan Foley of the journal Social Science and Medicine conducted a thorough evaluation of the awareness and effectiveness of GIS for British health and social care services in the

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