How does the RSPCA persuade us to part with our money? Essay examples

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I have recently analysed a letter from the RSPCA (Royal, Society, for the Prevention, to Cruelty to Animals), which has attempted to persuade me, the reader to part with my money. The letter uses persuasive language, repetition and different scenarios to support the images which they have included. The letter has also included many presentational devices which I have gone into further detail about these devices later on in this review. My personal opinion on this particular letter is: despite the persuasive language and the shocking reality which goes on in these animal’s lives, it is too wordy. If the average person finished this letter I do agree they would definitely consider making a donation however, it is very unlikely the average …show more content…
Besides the connection immediately this has created an informal atmosphere to allow us to feel part of a relaxed charity.
The opening paragraph, gives “that kitten” an identity: “Frazzle”. The name itself means “worn out”: more innocence. The writer, Catherine Roberts, has started the paragraph by using a rhetorical question: “How could anyone hurt Frazzle?” This has again reinforced Frazzle’s innocence. She has used a range of different adjectives such as “fluffy” and ”long” this gives Frazzle an extra cuteness.
The second paragraph makes us officially part of the RSPCA: “our”: we are working in this together we are working in this together in the writer’s eyes. She has used emotional blackmail. In a sense. “If you’re anything like me...saddens you” If we are not like her then we are not concerned. “Show you care”. Catherine is obviously implying if we don not give the “three pound coins” then we don not car; we have to prove ourselves? Again, she has made the money seem like a small amount because she has repeated this twice and has said it in two different ways: “£3” and “three pound coins”. It doesn’t seem like a lot when repeated, especially when said in two different forms.
In the next paragraph, statistics are used to show how experienced the RSPCA are (180 years), and saying that they have been with the animals the whole way, saving innocent animals from the villains of our society. This paragraph allows us to

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