How Bill Gates Impacted And Shaped Technology In The United States

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During the 1970s, life lacked what many consider a necessity today: a personal computer. Major competition in making the best software and electronics didn’t yet exist. Bill Gates’ addiction for computer coding created something that changed technology and shaped life today. Bill Gates has become significant in the United States by using his brilliance in technology and business to make an impact; he reinvented computer operating systems and software with Microsoft, and is responsible for several philanthropic efforts. Bill Gates programmed in school, which was typing out the specific coded software instructions to control the operations of the computer. This began the foundation of what was his tremendous impact. It started in 1975, …show more content…
Microsoft has sold tens of millions of copies of Windows (Ferrell).
This new technology produced incredible success for Microsoft, and the impact was huge.
Microsoft was a huge success, which started Gates’ impact on the United States. An article well states Gates’ dominance. “...Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corporation, has proven that he is the dominant force in the computer revolution. At the same time, Gates' dream of having a computer in every home—all running with Microsoft software—continues” (“Bill”). According to Keith Ferrell, “Millions of copies of the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) were sold for use in IBM and IBM-compatible personal computers” (Ferrell). The graphical interface of the operating system was like no other, and Gates reinvented computers with his brilliant idea. Bill Gates was effectively the cause of the personal computer’s success and wide usage in this world, for the graphical operating system was very simple to use. Early Microsoft programs that we still use today are Internet Explorer, a web browser, and Microsoft Office, a series of programs for spreadsheets, documents, and animated visual presentations. The dominance of Microsoft, which spread the operating systems which was the majority of his impact. Gates has a new pastime these days as well, in which he uses his money for.
Bill Gates has strived to be a very philanthropic person impacting

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