History of Programming Languages Essay examples

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I. Introduction
The topic that I have chosen and researching about is an in-depth look into the history of computer programming languages. I chose this topic as a pathway for me to learn about them, and how they are applied to assist the real world. This topic relates to my life interest to become a computer programmer, to help others in the creation of new technology. Without them, what would power or provide the special features for our electronics? They were all designed with a special purpose, which would allow a developer’s imagination to take over and design his or her own architectural program.

II. Techniques
To conduct my research, I used various search engines for Internet sources as well as read various textbooks. I
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In addition, they also support in advancing technology for use in science, astronomy, and other fields. However, learning about the history of these computer programming languages provides a stable foundation of how electronics work through the software it uses to both users and developers alike.

Of what had just begun as a simple idea to interconnect multimedia devices, Java had evolved to power the world’s most widely used applications. It was derived and largely improved from Oak, a rather simple programming language developed in the late 1990’s; it implanted the seeds that would soon sprout for a more reliable, intermediate computer language. Java’s primary goal was to provide compatibility across several devices without the use of multiple interfaces. “Today, Java not only permeates the Internet, but also is the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-day lives.” (Oracle Technology Network). You would never realize how Java is the basic source of power in electronics today unless you took a real good examination at the world. It was also an opportunity to create and reinforce a standard in the market through the release of its source code on the Internet. “Bill Joy, one of the co-founders of Sun, saw an opportunity for Oak in the emergence of the World Wide Web. His idea was to release Java for free over the Internet. By giving your product

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