History of Fashion Essay

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History of Fashion

Fashion is defined as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era (?Fashion?, 1). It often changes and reflects a persons? social class in old days. In modern times it reflects personality. Fads come and go as people find new and different things to like. Until the 20th century fashion changed very slowly. In the 20th century fashions change as quickly as lightning because of mass production and fast moving society. About every 10 years a totally new kind of dress is in style. Fashion is affected in many ways. Inventions and good economy bring many changes with it. Wars and bad economy bring plain fashion that stays for a while (?Fashion Through the Ages?, 1). Fashion often seems to go in a big
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Modesty went out with the Cavalier style of the Baroque period. Although styles became simple with only buttons and lace for decorations, more skin was shown than ever. Necklines dropped dramatically, they were cut square and wide to accentuate the breast. Sleeves became full and draped softly below the elbow, revealing the lower arm for the first time since BC times. Waistlines heightened and satins and silk replace heavy stiff fabrics.

Deception is the word for Georgian times. To make them appear more beautiful women had false hair, teeth, bosoms, and calves. Eyes were also falsely dilated with a deadly plant extract to make the eyes look large. Fake hair was added to make styles reach up to 30 inches high. Shirts or knee length undergarments and elbow length sleeves were worn under corsets adorned with lace and bows. A hoopskirt was worn over the ?eschelle stomacher? or corset.

The Regency era was influenced by the Greeks and caused many changes. Light weight clothes in neutral colors were worn by the rich and the poor. The waist line rose drastically too just below the bosom and set off with a sash tied in the back with a bow (?Fashion Era?, 4). Ladies always wore a jacket over their dress.

Victorian dresses got rather complicated. The cut, material and color of the garment revealed the wearers social class. Bust lines rose and waist lines dropped. Women wore corsets to achieve the

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