Handheld Devices: The Future of Learning Essay

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In order to provide every student equitable access to the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a high-tech global marketplace, today’s teachers must be ready to embrace technology. Each generation seems to be labeled. In a report issued by the International Education Advisory Board, Learning in the 21st Century: Teaching Today’s Students on Their Terms, if you were born in the late 1940’s to early 1960’s you were known as a “Baby Boomer”. If you were born in the mid 1960’s to late 1970’s you were known as “Generation X”. The current generation of students who were born between 1980 and 2000 are known as “Millennials”. The report states that Millennials not only accept technology, but also adapt to it and use it in their everyday …show more content…
In June 2013, the annual Speak Up National Research Project reported that its new goal would “focus the findings on how today’s digital tools and resources are enabling, engaging and empowering students to become self-directed learners” and their second focus would be to “examine how these enabling technologies such as mobile devices and social media are empowering the digital learner” (tomorrow.org).
Schools did not just jump into using handheld devices. They began with rolling carts of laptops as well as computer labs. Some classroom even have a “mini lab” with four to six computers that students use daily. But, as reported in From Chalkboards To Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner schools are now beginning to provide students with handheld devices, such as iPads, iPod Touch, Netbooks, and Tablets. While this concept was meant for middle school students as well as high school students and college students, Projects Tomorrow’s 2012 survey noted that online learning, mobile devices, and digital content, should be brought down to the elementary level because of this generation’s use of technology.
Handheld devices used in the classrooms of today will prepare students with skills essential for work in a high-tech 21st century global society which is the

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