Government Induced Programs Crippling the Current US Educational System

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Introduction Imagine living as a dependent in a world of giants, where they can justify doing with you whatever they feel like to best serve their own needs and purposes. They could just pick you up like a cue stick and use you to play a lively, vicious game of business billiard in the hopes to gain the upper hand among their competitors, with the outcome determining the successes throughout their next political and monetary investments, and how you would feel about it. Those dependents

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with professional people expecting to see a return for their efforts in developing a workforce they need in maintain America’s edge on world-innovation. To complicate matters even further, the current models and standards of the Unites States public school systems are still based on the originating ideas of the Industrial Revolution period dating back a very long time ago to the late 18th century. Its foundation is the Enlightenment Period with its progressive forefathers of that time, Presidents Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, as well as William Shipley, an inventor and founder of The Royal Society of Arts for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, (RSA)(Robinson, 2010). Their thought behind it was to make public education available to all children, paid by taxation, dividing them into three different section of a pyramid, the big, supportive base being the blue-collar workers, of which some were expected to do language and arithmetic, followed by a smaller group who would transition into the administrated work, topped by the smallest group who were supposed to run the country - the lawyer, doctors and judges. The American society has endured drastic changes since then to joist society into the modern and technological era we are experiencing now. It is very concerning to find such little transformation within the U.S. education since,
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