Essay on Geriatrics: What Does It Mean To Be an Adult?

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Geriatrics is a pervasive topic. It is a medicinal process that comes to execution with age. It is mainly an aggregate of family medicine and a sizeable percentage of internal medicine (Stone, 2011). The main focus of the specialty is to prevent, if not treat, the older, aging adults that are sick or disabled due to the conditions that come with age. A major characteristic is that the age of one to necessitate geriatrics is not limited. However, the consequent conditions that face an individual once admitted are sometimes not favorable and impacts greatly on the aged person’s autonomy. The personal autonomy significance of any individual cannot be downplayed in any society. Moreover, the independence of a person does not depend on the sex …show more content…
A good example is the population of Australia whose trajectory path of the aging population is alarming just like the rest of the world. Ultimately, the people pass the test of being referred to as old. Consequently, the chances of individuals being affected by a disease are heightened as individuals get older. On the same note, the population of older people in the healthcare system has been forced to shoot up. With Morality and ethics put in their position and considering the ever-increasing population of the old people, the standards of the core systems should be of top notch and no compromise. This is because, currently, the admission of aging population into this residential care center is not met with much anticipation. Stories told about the centers make many of them dread ever stepping there, let alone getting older. The quality without question should be maintained high considering many of the people are above 65 years (Vogelsang & Compaine, 2000). A major happening based on the move to the healthcare system is the changes that affect the individual patients and their parents. Cases have been reported that the patient’s immediate response once they enter the residential centers is that their health conditions deteriorate and they become more dependent on other persons. Consequently, many of the older people fear progress in their age, getting older as they dread the aftermath of joining the care center more so when they consider

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