Gender, Race, and Equality Essays

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I still remember that we receive a note during the first Women’s Studies class asking us what is your social location. At that time, it kept me thinking. Does it matter? Aren’t we all human? Why are we differentiated from those social locations such as Sexuality, Family Situation, Relationship status, Age, Class, Major, Birthplace as well as Year in school? Without understanding them, I gave my answers respectively. Straight, away from family, single, 23, high middle class, economics, Malaysia and senior year was my answer. It then kept me thinking as I heard from the rest of the class and I realize that we are the same yet we are not. Today, the answer was clear before me. I had learned a lot throughout the semester. Throughout this …show more content…
Within 5 years, more than six million American women would make it part of their daily lives. The changes were truly remarkable. Just a decade ago, the concept of a pill that women would take like aspirin to prevent conception seems preposterous. Laws that criminalized the sale of contraceptive devices were still on the books in thirty states around the country, and most medical and scientific community was leery of getting involved in the development of new forms of birth control.
The strongest voice against the pills was the Catholic Church. Rock, who believed a robust sex life made for a good marriage, became one of the Pill’s strongest advocates. He launch a vigorous public relations campaign in an effort to persuade his church that the pill mimicked a women’s natural cycle and therefore did not violate the church’s teachings against birth control. Although there are certain side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, stomach pain, it did not stop the millions of American women. They find it tremendously liberating for it allows them to pursue a careers as never seen before, it fuels the women’s movement and encourage more open attitudes about sex. However, I think that Rock and Pincus should not test the pills on women in Puerto Rico without telling them about the possible side effects. There are no difference between the women and the experiment in the laboratory. They are tested without knowing the potential

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