Multicultural Education Analysis

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wake up call, to all of the injustice actions that even take place in areas that are meant to help improve the lives of children. Howard backed up each one of his arguments with facts that correlated with his position on why we have to transform our White educators into multicultural learners. The diversity rate in our schools is growing and will continue to do so, so with just that being said, the fact that he wants to see a change in this aspect of our educational system works on his favor. However, it would have been great to see a little more diversity among his arguments. There was a lot of more focus on African American students and Native American students, but like Spring had done throughout his chapter, the inclusion of more students …show more content…
Our educational system already has a lot of empty holes that need to be filled, areas which need to be corrected and improved in order to have the best educational system in this world. However this can not be achieved if we do not first check the smaller areas that can be the potential reason to why our educational system is lacking in so many of its aspects. We have to be able to start someone where in order to transform our system, and what better way to do that than with our predominantly white teachers. Improving their awareness, engaging them in tasks that will help them understand their privilege and see the wrong in it, is what will help them understand the need to improve themselves in the multicultural aspect. We have to be realistic and understand that we are a growing nation of different cultures and races. It becomes of no help if we continue to segregate our students and have a decline of educators who are only able to teach their own. Improving the multicultural knowledge of the educator is what will transform the success of its students. From experience, when you have a teacher who knows how to deal with their diverse group of students, you are able to not only connect more with them, but you are also able to improve academically. To gain social justice within our schools, we need to have committed teachers, no matter what their background is. White educators can not just complete the change by themselves. In order to do so, just like any other issue, you will need the help of those who are being affected. Just like Howard ended his book, I will end by quoting him “Our responsibility as transformative teachers and citizens is to create for ourselves that social reality which we envision for others, to abandon the old landscapes of dominance, and to emigrate to those rich multicultural

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