Gay Rights in the United States Essay

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United States is known to be one of the free countries in the world, and other nations look at it with awe and aspiration. America is a nation with multi – cultural backgrounds, and people with different identities and personalities. However, if two men or women walking on the street gradually start kissing each other or showing affection with the same sex, others would look at them with disgust. Even being an extremely modern country, homosexuality is looked down upon with much intolerance. Is there something wrong with what those people just did? For many it can be a disgusting act, but for some it might look understandable. The gay rights problem has escalated in America to the point where people are willing to commit unspeakable crimes …show more content…
We all consider people to be equal regardless of race than reason to exclude gay people sounds atrocious and illogical. Homosexual people are marginalized even when they are not harm to the society. Gay people should be treated with respect and dignity; therefore Americans need to revive their beliefs and values regarding homosexuals. They have their personal needs and desires and alienating them is against human rights.
Gay people are not inhumane and they cannot be blamed for their sexual orientation, as it is a highly physiological and emotional issue. The term “gay” is not an identity one can voluntarily embrace, but it is enforced by psychological and the physical constitution of a person. Homosexuals are tuned to choose the same sex as their partner because that is more of a genetic issue and how biology is. In real sense, there are more gays in a community than we think or see because some are hidden.
First and foremost, I would write a formal letter to the State Senator or representative regarding this issue to get instant attention. Getting an authoritative person involved in this is crucial, since their actions would be beneficial. It is possible for the matter to proceed to a level, which gives the subject a higher circulation among political authorities. As per (Buckley) “Plenty of gay couples do not want to marry, and their

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