The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

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How would you feel if you had to ask two hundred and sixty million people for the right to marry (MTV Choose or Lose Campaign)? This is the battle that same-sex couples have been facing since May 18, 1970 when two male students from the University of Minnesota applied for a marriage license and got denied in light of the fact that they were both men (ProCon). Same sex marriage should be legalized because denying them the right to marry violates human rights, it encourages family values, increases child adoption, and brings a considerate measure of monetary advantages to the economy.
The Universal Declaration contains thirty articles that recognize and describe diverse human rights for all individuals. In particular, it communicates that each
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Throughout the years, the number of kids living with LGBT guardians has risen enormously. The numbers will continue to rise because an expected two million LGBT individuals are keen in adopting (LGBT Adoption Statistics). As indicated by The Williams Institute, same-sex couples raising children are four times more probable than hetero couples to be raising an adopted child. Moreover, the institute also states same-sex couples are six times more probable than their distinctive sex partners to be raising foster children (Gates). A few states have considered legislation that would preclude lesbians and gay men from adopting or fostering children. As a result, “As many as 14,000 children could be displaced from their current foster home” …show more content…
Including such a necessity for the privilege to wed now is both out of line and would have genuine legitimate consequences. As a matter of first importance, adding the capacity to reproduce as a prerequisite to wed is only a reason to oppress gay individuals. On the off chance that we ought to keep gay couples from wedding just in light of the fact that they can 't recreate, then is there any valid reason why we shouldn 't prevent other fruitless Americans from being married too? Men with low sperm numbers, who have had vasectomies, or who have another sort of regenerative issue are as unable to reproduce with their partner as any homosexual; the same for ladies who are post-conceptive age or who are barren because of disease. Banning gay marriage based upon this necessity would toss the relational unions of these barren people into question and would outlaw a gigantic rate of relational unions

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