The Pros And Cons Of Gay Rights In School

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All throughout time, gay and lesbian individuals have been denied certain rights for many reasons. Whether the issue be with same sex marriage, adoption by same sex couples, or gay and lesbian groups in school, these issues need to be addressed. Many of them, in recent times, have been addressed, and rights like gay marriage have been legalized. However, even though many matters involving gay rights have been legalized, they have not been accepted by society today.
Book: Gay Rights- Kafka discusses homosexuality involving children and teenagers and their education in school compared to heterosexual students. Some believe that due to harassment, discrimination, and isolation, homosexual students, and students that have gay parents, are denied
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One of the reasons this is happening, is because schools do not want to offend parents that want their children to stay oblivious to the subject of homosexuality. Some parents believe that gay rights affect such a small portion of the school and community that it is not worth discussing in school. These parents feel disrespected when their religious beliefs are “ignored,” and their children are forced to engage in conversations about homosexuality. In 2002 New York considered passing the Dignity for All Students Act, which stated that all students between the grades of kindergarten and twelfth would be educated about on the discrimination of race, religion, ethnic background, disability, and of course, sexual orientation (Kafka 59). Many church groups and other Pro-Family Activists disagreed with this bill, claiming that it would make people view homosexuality as a normal and acceptable behavior. With all the opposition, the bill was eventually …show more content…
Ideas range from special schools for gay children and teens, to segregation. The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, has taken on the operation to help protect the legal rights for gay and lesbian youth. What schools teach to their students about homosexuality is based entirely on that individual school, but the rights homosexuals get is not. Gays are guaranteed all the same basic rights as other students and adults are, including freedom of speech and the other ten amendments. After five students were intensely harassed about their sexual orientation and sued their school, a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals stated that all teachers and administration had to take steps to eliminate abusive behaviors towards gay and lesbian students (Kafka 61). As more lawsuits and problems arise regarding gays and lesbians, rights will also continue to arise, protecting homosexual students and adults from constant harassment and

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