Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia, more commonly known as ‘mercy killing’, is a contentious issue that is debated more and more these days.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines euthanasia as `a gentle and easy death: bringing about of this, especially in the case of an incurable and painful disease`. Euthanasia would usually be the injection of a lethal dose of medication administered by a doctor. In this essay I intend to explore the various arguments surrounding euthanasia and I will put forward my reasons for claiming that euthanasia is morally unacceptable.

One of the more common arguments in support of euthanasia is that it stops the pain of the terminally ill sufferer once and for all, so
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There is no doubt relatives do have to go through a lot of pain and distress as well. They have to go through the trauma of watching their loved ones dying which must be a dreadful experience. Someone who knows all about this is Clem Lewis who had to endure the ordeal of watching his wife die of dementia. He said, “I believe now that if l were told I had Alzheimer’s disease, my reaction would to tidy up my affairs and make a quick exit while I had the ability to do so. I would hate to bother anyone or have my children’s inheritance squandered on keeping me alive at a nursing home in a demented state.” He also said, in contrast to this, “If I had been able to give her (his wife) an ‘exit pill’ I should have been tormented with guilt ever afterwards.”

Consequently, if a relative allowed a lethal injection to be given to their terminally ill loved one there is a very good chance that, like Clem, they would feel incredibly guilty for a long time afterwards. How many of us would be able to live with ourselves if we did something like that? In my opinion if someone allows that to be done then it should be considered murder. Euthanasia may stop the pain and suffering of watching a loved one die but it also adds the extra burden on relatives who may have to live with, perhaps, a lifetime of guilt.


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