Essay about Euthanasia

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The issue that I chose to discuss in this paper is euthanasia. I am going to concentrate on the legal aspect of this issue in contemporary America as well as discuss two different types of the euthanasia.

The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek words eu, meaning "good", and thanatos, meaning "death." In today's contexts, the word came to describe an intentional termination of patient's life to end his or her suffering. This topic has sparked a great controversy. The basic question posed by euthanasia is should a person who is terminally ill, who feels that his or her life is not worth living because of the unbearable pain, loss of dignity and capability to maintain his or her normal way of life, be given assistance in dying by
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Oregon is the only state that permits doctor assistant suicide for terminally ill patients. The law was passed by a slip margin of 51% to 49% of the votes. This law came to be called "Death with Dignity Act." It placed many restrictions on the doctors in order to prevent any attempt to abuse the law. For example, in order to be eligible to receive assistant suicide from the doctor the new law required patient to be terminally ill and have a life expectancy of at most 6-months. The patient must be mentally competent and fully informed about his or her diagnosis, prognosis, risks and alternatives. If the doctor suspects that a patient has a mental illness that could interfere with his or her decision, he must refer that patient for counseling. The law also requires getting a second opinion from another doctor to determine if a person is terminally ill. The patient is free to change his or her mind at any time and there is a fifteen-day grace period between the time of the request and the day of euthanasia. If the patient still hasn't changed his mind, the doctor has to prescribe a certain drug that will assist him or her in reliving the pain, forever.

Less then a year ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout his life he was a healthy man. He had never had any health problems before. At the age of 81 he was still strong at heart and mind. Within three to four months of his illness

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