Essay on Euthanasia

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An acceptance of the practice of Voluntary Euthanasia is incompatible with the Christian belief in the Sanctity of Life but not with the attitudes of some ethical philosophers. Discuss.

'No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment'.[1] Imagine at the age of 40, you are diagnosed with Motor neurone disease, a fatal disease that causes degeneration of the motor neurones, which leads the wasting of muscles. You are intellectually sound but totally dependant on your spouse for physical support. You are aware of the fact that your death is imminent and will probably be painful, suffering from severe breathing problems and pneumonia before
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Although there is slight differentiation with regards to euthanasia the three main denominations of Christianity are relatively similar in their views and moral thinking. The Roman Catholic Church has the most strict view and believes that any action which is going to 'cause death as a relief from suffering is a grave violation of the law of God'.[4] Most Catholics do not find the removal of treatment to cause death morally acceptable either, however they do allow a patient to refuse any treatment that is going to be burdensome to society, family or the patient.

Again the Church of England's views revolve around the sanctity of life and there is no possibility of euthanasia being acceptable under this principle. It's stated that 'because human life is a gift of God to be preserved and nourished, the deliberate taking of human life is prohibited'.[5] It recognises the many technological advances in medicine and states that the Church of England ' does not place on doctors an overriding obligation to prolong life by all available means'. They also believe that euthanasia may be considered in extreme cases but only with the approval of at least two medical officials. Anglicans consider it their duty to ensure that the 'slippery-slope' does not claim innocent victims.

Most Methodists believe that people would not

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