Essay About Alcohol

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Today young people get addicted to alcohol but it's unfortunate that they do it for fun and for socializing, but they do not really know that what you are doing to their bodies.
Alcohol today it is considered a drug and its consumption tender is accepted among society and this situation is very alarming as more and at an earlier age is consumption. The fact that alcohol is a drug is something really serious, so we must really be aware of that fact.
About the reasons why people drink, some of them are: * The major problem is that people use that drug just to be “happy”. So they just use alcohol to have fun * Young people use that drug to make friends, to go parting, to feel more relaxed and cheerful. * To be
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Similarly, increase the likelihood of being affected by impotence and erectile dysfunction. * Teenagers who abuse alcohol are 4 times more vulnerable to severe depression than those who do not have an alcohol problem, because we don’t have to forget that alcohol is a depressive drug.

FISICAL CONSEQUENCES: * Liver damage: is the organ most damage because of the alcohol, because is the one in charge of cleaning the blood. It could be affected lot of years after being drinking, and could end with a cirrhosis. * Pancreas damage: it could be inflated. * Hypertension * Depression * Digestive problems * Sexual problems * Fetus problems * Nervous system problems

Alcoholic persons tend to be lonely persons, who don’t want anyone controlling his actions. They just become lonely and lonely and finally they are completely alone and depressed. Some of them end their alcohol problem with the suicide.
They are shy and don’t trust anyone.
Also alcoholism is a social problem.
An alcoholic person is the one that doesn’t do their best on their jobs, and usually they finish losing it.
At the end no one want to stay with that person.
A huge problem is also driving

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