Entry Essay for National Honor Society Inuction

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People say high school is supposed to be the golden years of your life. I don’t know what else in life is to come; however, my philosophy is to live in the moment and make the life you’re living in the present worthwhile into the future, not only for you but for those who surround you. I live my life participating in our community and getting involved in our school. The activities, and the people I’ve formed relationships with, are what have formed me into the person I have become today. The person I am today is not perfect, but I have learned from the mistakes I’ve made. I think the sense of maturity I have developed throughout my life has given me the determination to be the best person I can be. That being said, I would love to be …show more content…
All I know is I can find a silver lining to even the world’s most tragic events, and I always try to find a positive side to every bad story. I am also known to be very caring and compassionate. I have a grandma who has dementia and forgets how to perform everyday simple little tasks; I need to help her use the restroom and have developed a lot of patience while caring and being with her. I am also on the Westerville Central Swim and Dive Team. Being on any team, especially the swim team requires a lot of dedication and endurance. Being on the swim team has helped me to develop reliability and punctuality, so that I don’t let my team down. I received a Coaches Choice Award my sophomore year due to the challenging events I asked to swim and the positive presence I have on the team. It’s very difficult to describe everything about yourself when words are so restricting. I am me; hard to describe, but a positive, joyful and uplifting presence. Eleanor Roosevelt was a great influence on Franklin Roosevelt’s policy; she was a leader of his policy. Even though, Eleanor, herself, hardly accomplished anything directly, it was her thoughts that often led how the ‘leader’ Franklin Roosevelt acted. I am more of an Eleanor Roosevelt than a Franklin. I am a leader because I can inspire ideas in those around me; I am a leader because I can develop innovative ideas. There are many different forms of

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