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1984 is a novel of great influence. The novel illustrates many concepts of life in the future through the knowledge of the past. The descriptive theories within the novel are familiar in basic context when we look into the society of today. The author George Orwell has projected an image of the future through the knowledge of his lifetime, which is not far off reality. The novel talks about the social movement to a world of unbearable proportions, which takes the idea of security to the limit. A feeling of helplessness is bestowed upon the people as the government scrutinizes their every move. The government has created a society of fear, and people automatically fall into line for they cannot escape the eyes of Big Brother who is …show more content…
The telescreen would watch people’s every move as they go about their day, and the chip would allow the same capability. The difference is that it would watch your every virtual move: on the internet, every web site you go to, your online banking, credit card numbers would all be at the hands of the government. The fact that the government is putting cameras in public places is not uncommon. Cameras are in schools, restaurants, banks, convenience stores, some people have hidden security cameras in their homes, and now they are even in parks. Almost anywhere you go, except for the security of your own home you are being watched. These days, people have voice recorders as well, so they could be recording what you are saying without you even noticing this is mainly used for undercover people such as the FBI. Surveillance is not the only worry, which the telescreen provides, it is also a dangerous tool, which can be used for brainwashing as well. The telescreen can also be linked to the idea of the modern day mass media. In the book the telescreen was used as a device to brainwash and produce propaganda, and as well, just to deliver the news. The televisions of today can basically viewed in the same manor.

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