Development of a Code of Ethics Essay

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In this paper I will discuss how Information technology has brought about significant societal ethical changes. Users of technology in society and business today need to be increasingly aware of the need for the ethical use of technology. Information technology (IT) users, need a code of ethics developed, so that they can navigate through the ethical issues they confront while using information technology. When ethical violations occur, enforcement of the ethical standards is required. With the advanced of online education, there is a renewed need to interpret a code of ethics within the academic setting by observing academic integrity as users have the ability to interact with surprising and continuous amounts of information.
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According to Parker, Swope and Baker, (as cited by Molnar, Kletke, & Chongwatpol, 2008) the lack of face to face interactions while using computers, alters the relationships among people; Property rights ,plagiarism ,piracy and privacy have become active issues; The benefits of information sharing are often in conflict with attempts to protect the integrity of information, confidentiality and availability and IT is exposed to unethical practices due to the lack of widespread means of authorization and authentication.
When the ethics lessons taught by Aristotle and Plato, are applied to the contemporary world of IT, the emergence of new technologies creates new ethical issues that consequently create new ethical dilemmas (Brooks, 2010). Furthermore the author states that current trends suggest that the steps that one goes through, to build a solid moral cornerstone are in jeopardy. Molnar, Kletke and Chongwatpol (2008) cite a 2006 Josephson Institute survey of 36000 high school students, which found that 60% of the students, admitted to cheating on a test while 33% had used the internet to plagiarize an assignment.
According to Brooks (2010), the ethical utilization of information technology needs to be assessed on two levels. The primary level is the individual level, where the ethical utilization of information technology relates to how individuals utilize information technology,

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