Why Is Honesty So Tough Analysis

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Can nice guys succeed? Why is honesty so tough?
A Business Tale: A story of ethics, choices, success and a very large rabbit. Written by: Marianne M. Jennings gives us a glimpse into answering these tough questions.
In this charming fable, Aristotle (Ari, for short) is a pooka that is in the shape of a rabbit – a pooka is a mythical, invisible creature that has a knack for advising against dishonesty. The main character, Edgar, has been able to see and hear Ari since childhood, and as he journeys through his professional life and is constantly faced with challenging questions of good conduct, Ari helps remind him that nice guys can succeed . . . even in the world of business.
Jennings believes businesses can't truly build shareholder value
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Most business people aren’t looking for the right or honest answer, but rather the answer that they want or that will get them by. Ethics are often pushed to the side and money, fame, or power are the front runners.
We’ve all started a new job and have been handed a Code of Ethics brochure or may have even taken a training course. However, what many of these programs or codes are offering are not teaching what is right or wrong, but instead provides a framework to make decisions without the guilt that comes along with it. Most organizations share the goal of establishing ethics and an ethical culture. But, ethics are more often than not only addressed reactively. Henry Kravis, an American businessman, investor and philanthropist is quoted saying “ If you build that foundation, both moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won’t crumble.” In A Business Tale, Edgar’s story is one of discomfort. Ethics is not always a comfortable thing to deal with and there’s no grey area about being honest and doing what’s right. Potter Stewart a former associate justice of the united states supreme court said “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to

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