Essay on Developing an Implementation Plan

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Implementing a Plan Implementing an evidenced based practice (EBP) plan can be the most difficult aspect in the process of ensuring a behavior is changed. The leader must take all measures necessary to guarantee the process is followed and the plan is a success. These steps needed are to ensure the correct team is in place; they are filled with a sense of urgency and have the needed incentives as well as are knowledgeable on how the plan will be carried out (Ahrens, 2005). The writer will outline the process for implementing the EBP of ensuring a dysphagia screen protocol and needed processes are in place at a hospital.
Obtaining Approval and Support The interdisciplinary team will be formed where the members will consist of a
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Thus, oftentimes the screening does not occur. This can lead to increased rates of aspiration PN where performance of a DS can reduce this overall rate (Lakshminarayan et al., 2010). When a stroke patient develops aspiration PN they will experience a longer length of stay (LOS), are more likely to be discharged to a long term setting, and also have a higher mortality rate (Titsworth et al, 2013). The problem is clear and the project to develop the process of implementing a DS on all suspected stroke patients must occur.
Proposed Solution and Logistics The solution to the problem will involve the multi-disciplinary team and will be evidenced by a change in protocol as well as processes. During the roll-out of the new process the team will need to be cognizant of Lewins’ Theory of Change where unfreezing, change and refreezing of behaviors will take place within the caregivers (Current Nursing, 2013). A Plan-Do-Study-ACT (PDSA) will be implemented to assist in guiding the process change. The PDSA “owner” will be the research nurse; however, most team members will be providing input to this tool. For example, the SLP will provide results from blinded DS’s, and the QI Department will provide data for the PDSA. The first process change proposed to the problem involves utilizing a DS within the ED.
In the ED the leadership will discern and identify those nurses from each shift who have displayed an interest and expertise in stroke care. These

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