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From the moment we enter this world we start a life long journey finding answers to life's hardest questions. Each of us deal with both similar, and very different questions that cause us to make decisions in what we believe. Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Young Goodman Brown" depicts a man who on his own journey discovers the devilry within people. Unfortunately he never realizes that within people there is both good and bad, he chooses to believe that all people are evil. Young Goodman

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the clock of the Old South was striking as I came through Boston, and that is a full fifteen minutes ago" (220). Without any knowledge of the traveler you can either suggest some type of lunacy or supernatural essence, because there is no possible way a man walking can arrive in Salem, Massachusetts fifteen minutes later.

Goodman Brown will be directed by this supernatural man to believe in what's bad in humanity. Like many of us who face obstacles along their journey's the traveler is going to be an influence not rooting for the good in Goodman Brown. As they began walking together the traveler began his first of many ploys to convince Goodman Brown. The traveler says:

" I have been as well acquainted with your family... I helped your grandfather...when he lashed the Quaker woman... and it was I that brought your father a pitch-pine King Philip's war" (221).

He goes on to say what good friends they were, and how they too went on this midnight journey. Young Goodman Brown challenges the piousness of his people, and questions "can this be so?" (221). On the second attempt the traveler points out a female figure on the path, Goodman Brown recognizes her as his catechist teacher from his youth. Goodman Brown hides along the path as the traveler approached the woman. "The Devil! Screamed the pious old lady. Then Goody Cloyse
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