Delegating and Empowering Employees Essay

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Good Morning! We are here this morning to focus on why it is important to delegate and empower our employees. As leaders in the Weapons Systems Division, each of you have a leadership roles based on your positions that will require your attention in several places at one time…and since no one can do it all, you need to delegate and empower to foster a positive and productive working environment (Bell & Bodie, 2012; Bell & Smith, 2010; Dewettinck & van Ameijde, 2011; Freedman, 2012; Lornikova, Pearsall, & Sims Jr., 2013; Luciano, Mathieu, & Ruddy, 2013; Martin, Liao, & Campbell, 2013; Proenca, 2014; Sohmen, 2013; Urbancic, 2011; Zhang & Bartol, 2010).
In your positions, as empowering leaders, you each have a critical role in
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With Congressional sequestration efforts still alive and thriving, our resources will become lessor and you will have to let go to keep moving forward; this is easier said than done (Bell & Bodie, 2012).
The Basics (slide 4)
Empowerment provides a psychological cognition in employees that improves meaning of corporate existence, competence in assigned responsibilities and duties, self-determination to continue improving and advancing, and an impact that expands beyond personal levels into overarching organizational goals and improves overall flexibility and efficiency (Dewettinck & van Ameijde, 2011; Proenca, 2014; Zhang & Bartol, 2010).
All of the above provide positive improvements to an organization as empowerment influences service quality and worker productivity, satisfaction, commitment and lessons turnover (Proenca, 2014; Urbancic, 2011). These opportunities, created through empowerment, cultivates members for assuming greater responsibilities and helps strengthen the team (Urbancic, 2011).
A critical aspect of empowering leadership requires the sharing power with employees to increase their level of self-sufficiency and responsibility encouraging subordinates to provide opinions, ideas, and promoting collaborative decision making. This process will create

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