Essay about Deforestation

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     The planet Earth is being scarred. Everyday the people of the planet earth are polluting the planet’s air, water and land. These are all natural resources that are necessary for our survival on this planet. Yet, we continue to abuse our planet. Our world population is growing out of control. The simple lesson of supply and demand tells us that we will need more resources in order to support the booming population. One of the most important factors in survival is food supply. With out enough food, we will not survive. Unfortunately, our forest ecosystems are paying the price for the food demand. Deforestation is a major problem on our planet. It is something that must be carefully monitored and
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(WRI, p. 50)
     Erosion is another major problem caused by deforestation. “Soil erosion is, thus, the process by which soil particles are detached from their original site, transported, and eventually deposited at a new location.” (WRI, p. 134) In the case of deforestation, erosion will occur faster than natural erosion. This is called “accelerated erosion”. “It is often 100 times as destructive as geologic erosion.” (WRI, p. 135) In the event of such erosion, the soil becomes useless. It loses many of its nutrients. And, the new deposition can even cause water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers, or oceans.
     Another major problem associated with deforestation is species loss. According to the World Resources Institute (p. 92), “(Deforestation) directly affects species biodiversity by diminishing the amount of natural habitat available, blocking migration routes, providing avenues for invasion by nonnative species, and changing the microclimate along the remaining habitat edge.” It is crucial that this damage is recognized and taken account of.
     To show the effects of deforestation, I have chosen two nations. One nation, New Zealand, is a more developed nation. The other nation, Brazil, is a lesser-developed nation. By studying the data available on these countries, we will be able to see what the impact of deforestation has been on each country

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