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During his years as a student he did very well and graduated at the top of his class in all subjects. While attending school, he and fellow students witnessed a Saint buried alive. The Saint was placed in a box and was buried underground for six days, which the Saint spent meditating. This was Deepak’s first real introduction to meditation, however it would be another fifteen years before he was reintroduced to these traditions of the Eastern world.

Upon graduating from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Chopra married his wife, Rita, and soon after moved to America. Deepak’s family had known Rita’s family because both of their father’s had spent time in the military service. Rita’s aunt had suffered from a stroke and was admitted into the hospital at which Deepak was studying at during school. Rita’s family visited their aunt at the hospital over the next year, and Deepak and Rita saw each other often. Shortly after Deepak’s graduation they were married and in 1970 made the move to America. Chopra became a doctor in a hospital in New Jersey. He was very successful as a doctor and eventually became a specialist in endocrinology at the Boston Regional Medical Center. Along with the success, being a doctor was very demanding, there was a lot of stress that Deepak was forced to deal
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