Decision-Making: Taking Action with Reason Essay

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Decision-Making: Taking Action with Reason

The end result of any decision is action. Action based on reason, intuition, planning, or circumstance it is still action. The best course of action often is determined by the implementation of a decision making process. This process or model can be rational based or intuitive base. It is possible to combine the intuitive and rational decision models. The OODA (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action) Loop acknowledges the existence of intuition within the context of reason.

Col. John Boyd, USAF (Ret) is credited with the formalization of this thought process. The concept breaks the decision making process into four elements: Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action. Observation is
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This stage will have taken place within a 6-month time frame from the Observation stage to the final completion of action. At this junction my department, Information Services (IS), has begun conducting a separate model to determine what action needs to be taken to enable the successful completion of this project.

To date, the Observation and Orientation stages of this operation have been completed by IS. This was accomplished via brain storming sessions, system assessments, business needs analysis, inventory of skills, inventory of needs, and gathering pertinent information from the other departments involved. We are currently in the Decision and Action stages. We have formulated a base plan of action that has begun in regards to our database and data generation. Conversion of data and reports from the current database to the new database has begun while simultaneously researching and determining if any elements are missing.
In terms of OODA—we are moving forward while maintaining activity in Observation and Orientation. The Action stage has begun in that code is being developed to accommodate the Decisions, which have been made to support the consolidation effort. Our ability to operate under this model is key to the success of this project. Everyone has an understanding of what we are to accomplish and by when. These are also key elements to success of any OODA model implementation. In addition, we have the authority to take action and make changes

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