Daily Life in Nazi Germany Essay

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Daily Life in Nazi Germany

After assuming political power, Adolph Hitler decided to implement his mission of reviving German strength, acquiring territory for more living space or Lebensraum, and establishing a foundation of a pure racial state. In order to achieve his goals, Hitler needed to create a national community unified in mind, will, and spirit. (Volksgemeinschaft).

Volksgemeinschaft could only be attained through total state control; therefore, every area of cultural and social life had to be controlled to achieve Nazi ideals. Culture, the press, movies, and children’s activities were among the many aspects of daily life controlled by the Nazis.

In order to control information
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Both groups’ took up military values and virtues, such as duty, obedience, honor, courage, strength, and ruthlessness. Uniforms and regular military drills whould accompany ceremonies honoring the war dead. Most importantly, the Hitler Youth did their utmost to teach the youth of Germany the views of the Nazi party. Youth leaders developed in the youth of Germany a sense of patriotism and utter devotion to Adolph Hitler. By 1939, when membership in the Hitler Youth became compulsory, each new member of the Jungvolk was required to take an oath to the Fuhrer swearing total allegiance.

Young girls were also a part of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany. Girls age ten to fourteen were members of the Jungmadel, while girls fourteen to eighteen belonged to the Bund Deutscher Madel. Hitler youth girls were taught obedience and discipline. Girls were taught to be dutiful wives and mothers.


Members of the Bund Deutscher Madel were educated in the skills needed for domestic chores, nursing, and hygiene.

Daily life in Nazi Germany was manipulated from the beginning of Nazi rule. Propaganda dominated popular culture and entertainment. Finally, Hitler and the party realized the possibilities of controlling Germany’s youth as a means of continuing the Reich, and insuring total

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