Mein Kampf Propaganda Analysis

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Taking one’s thoughts and ideas then convert them to putting the words on paper, it is a very simple concept yet it can have such a strong impact it has the power to change the world as a whole. This is demonstrated in 1925 when Adolf Hitler, also known as the Führer, published his novel Mein Kampf which included his views on nation and race and the anti-semitic ideology that many agreed and related with. With this novel the Führer was able to convert a whole civilized nation and turn it into the sinister super power that was Nazi Germany thus leading to the worst war this world has ever seen and the evil acts committed at concentration camps such as Auschwitz and all with only the use of words, which can be the most powerful be the most …show more content…
He never used the standard form of propaganda but he used his own form of it “Propaganda was a matter of political action, not academic discussion” (Bytwerk 42) which at the beginning worked with great success. There was diffrent forms of propaganda he used such as; movies, posters, schooling and of course books “Mein Kampf has a great deal to say about propaganda” (Bytwerk 42) and Bytwerk was correct in this statement, this was perhaps the strongest form of propaganda in all of nazi germany because it was able to brainwash many of peoples and control their views and opinions on who the enemy truly was. Yet nothing is as good as it seems because whenever there is a positive impact there has to be a negative impact to balance it out which is the case with this form of propaganda as well. Even though propaganda helped Hitler’s rise to power it also helped lead to the fall of germany “Hitler’s Reich collapsed under military force that no amount of propaganda could withstand” (Bytwerk 160) even though Hitler’s propaganda was very successful at convincing the masses he was able to be the powerful leader they need to save germany when the result of the war was imminent majority of german people realized what Hitler had done was not going to bring honour to germany but more failure. After the support was lost the Nazi control nose dived to

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