Critique of "The Darling" Essay

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For centuries, women have turned and have entrusted in men for advice to fulfill their lives with romance. Some women, even though they had difficulty establishing a satisfactory bond with their spouse, still had a tendency to have a dependency on the male spouse for identity. For a woman to become a "wife" was a defining role in women's lives back then, especially within the eastern European cultures. Sadly, marriage is not always shown to be flowery and romantic as expected. Although Anton Chekov portrays his protagonist character Olga as kind hearted and attractive and favored, she often longs for “love” from the male gender, and serves as the embodiment of female disempowerment.
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The plot thickens from there, as Chekov further allows readers to examine the role of a woman in those days as serving no greater role in society other than that of mother, whose only virtue is to have the capacity to just “love.”
     Furthermore, after isolating herself from the outdoors except only attending church, Olga considers “seeing” a veterinary surgeon, Vladimir Plantonitch, who is separated from his wife and son. Though she does not marry him but only dates, only because “she could not live without some attachment for another year” she suddenly develops a peculiar concern of “food epidemics” and feels compelled to speak only of veterinary concerns such as “cow diseases“ and how “animals ought to be as well cared for as the health of human beings.” When he, too, leaves her, Olga's life becomes empty, as do her thoughts. Without a man around to form her identity, Olga grows old and loses the charm that once upon a time had earned her the alias amongst others that adored her as a “darling,” since she was full of bitterness” (114). This aching nostalgic cycle that caused her to be resentful and want no one (including her own feline that she rejects by saying “get away! I don't want you”) was so, as time passed in the winter and spring, until the veterinary surgeon reenters her life, only to abandon his young son, Sasha, to her care. At last, when the child comes into her household,

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